A review of Secret Salsa Ideas so far

At Secret Salsa, we do believe that Cryptocurrencies are going to change the world we currently live in. It offers tremendous opportunities but also come with meaningful risks.

To not get left behind because of the complexity of these new assets, we explain our ideas, how to make the right calls and avoid costly mistakes.

We have started this newsletter to:

  • Provide actionable crypto ideas: we explain our thesis in a plain and simple language, based on facts, trends, crypto use cases, token economics and valuation models. We do not use technical analysis. We rely on fundamentals. See examples: 1 and 2.

  • Detect and avoid the classic crypto scam schemes: it is well known, there are numerous scam schemes. We identify them and explain how it works and how you can avoid them too.

  • Help cryptocurrency investors: we are here to help you in this journey and answer your questions on how DeFi works, how you can store your crypto securely, staking services, etc. See us as a crypto coaching newsletter.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is the following:

Find crypto projects that solves a valid use case with a working product, a good token economics and a legit team at an attractive price.

Our Previous Ideas

Ren Protocol

On January 25th 2020, Ren protocol was trading at $0.04, we viewed REN as the perfect decentralised custodian and the primary gate to offer trustless tokenised BTCs on Ethereum. We discussed it here.

On August 19th 2020, Ren token price is at $0.48, an increase of 1100%.



On March 27th 2020, Synthetix was trading at $0.57, we saw it as deeply undervalued with regards to its growth potential in the DeFi space. Article is available here.

On August 19th 2020, Synthetix token price is $5.81, an increase of 919%.



On April 6th 2020, we did provide an in depth review of Numerai and the Erasure Protocol for our subscribers (here). At the time, we did like it as the tech behind Erasure Bay is revolutionary. Numerai was trading at $17.

On August 19th 2020, NMR token price is at $42.2, an increase of 148%.



On April 18th 2020, we analysed Chainlink data in terms of transactions and users of the blockchain. LINK was trading at $3.5 and we saw it as undervalued. The article is available, here.

On August 19th 2020, LINK token price trades at $15.61, an increase of 346%.



On April 22th 2020, we provided an analysis on Gnosis and say the protocol was clearly undervalued based on the DEX and prediction markets. GNO token was trading at $16. The article is available, here.

On August 19th 2020, GNO token is at $43.26, an increase of 170%.


Nash Exchange

On May 25th 2020, we did a follow up analysis and found that trading volume reached a significant milestone. NEX was trading at $0.93. Article is available, here.

On August 19th 2020, NEX token is at $0.89, a decrease of 4.3%.


On June 8th 2020, we analysed Switcheo, a cross chain DEX which was under appreciated by many people due to its link with NEO. At that time, SWTH was trading at $0.0033. Article is here.

On August 19th 2020, SWTH is trading at $0.0609, an increase of 1745%.



On June 12th 2020, we pointed out the potential of Waves with its architecture and new products, Neutrino protocol and the first non Ethereum based algorithmic stablecoin without forgetting the Gravity protocol, a price oracle of a new kind. Waves was trading at $1.15. Article is here.

On August 19th 2020, WAVES is trading at $4.04, an increase of 251%.


Haven Protocol

On July 5th 2020, we recommended to stay away from Haven given the high shilling activity by big accounts on Twitter. Haven was trading at $2.3. Article is available, here.

On August 19th 2020, XHV is at $1.35, a decrease of 41%.



On July 18th 2020, we took a look at Terra and their basket of asian stablecoins. LUNA was trading at $0.25. Article is available, here.

On August 19th 2020, LUNA is at $0.59, an increase of 136%.



We have delivered alpha and we are dedicated to continue to find other great projects at attractive price, always with strong fundamentals: our philosophy will not change and we will never chase pumps.

However, DeFi has been on fire for quite some time recently and it becomes really difficult to find new alpha in that market and avoid at the same time the scams which pop everywhere pretending to be the next Synthetix or Ren.

Make no mistakes, the bubble has started and good opportunities are proven difficult to find.

At Secret Salsa, we do not FOMO buy any projects because it is not in our philosophy. We are happy to miss the hottest opportunities at the moment because in the medium/long term, when the FOMO stops, we will see who swam naked. It does not make any sense to FOMO buy any hot uniswap listed projects right now, which trades at absurd valuations such as Curve and the CRV token to not name any.

With that said, the crypto world is not only limited to Uniswap and Ethereum. We had already found some very nice projects such as Waves or Terra.

The Next Top Idea

Our next idea is a forgotten crypto project, lost in the crypto abysses, with a market cap below $1M USD.

We will provide our detailed analysis later this week/early next week for our subscribers only.

Thanks for reading

Secret Salsa

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