Death Match: LCX vs Nash Exchange


LCX and Nash are two regulated exchanges operating from Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein, in Europe.

They offer different products to crypto users and traders.

Nash is a non custodial exchange, where user funds remain under your control, meaning that solely you have access to your funds in the wallet you have created to trade on the exchange. Even if the exchange goes down you can still recover your funds.

The Nash token, NEX, is powered by NEO Blockchain.

LCX is an advanced crypto trading desk to trade on all major crypto exchanges within a single interface. This is the Bloomberg Terminal of Crypto, you can connect all crypto exchanges such as Binance, Kraken and co and trades through API via LCX platform.

The LCX token is an ERC20 token powered by Ethereum blockchain.


  • 9800 followers for LCX

  • 67900 followers for Nash

Score: Nash 1 - 0 LCX


  • 11580 holders for Nash (addresses with at least one NEX token) and 3199 active stakers.

  • 1759 holders for LCX.

Score: Nash 1 - 0 LCX



  • Nash non custodial exchange has already generated $8.9M in trading volume in the last 30 days.

  • Nash will soon offer a native fiat on ramp on their exchange to easily buy crypto with fiat and they also offer a mobile app to trade.


  • They offer a Bloomberg Terminal like trading experience where you can connect to almost any crypto exchanges and profit from arbitrage strategies, etc.

  • They also offer a smart order routing where price between all connected exchanges are analysed in real time so you can buy or sell at the best available price.

Score: Nash 2 - 2 LCX


Both projects have a dedicated team and charismatic founders. Monty C. M. Metzger is the CEO and founder of LCX. Ethan Fast is one of the five co-founders of Nash Exchange. However, we see that LCX has respected advisors on top so LCX wins.

Score: Nash 0 - 1 LCX

Other metrics


  • Market cap of $22.5M USD.

  • 45.5% of supply is locked in the staking smart contract.


  • Market cap of $7.7M USD.

  • for Q1 2020, LCX burned 986,000 LCX, representing 0.1% of total supply.

Score: Nash 2 - 2 LCX


We have briefly discussed Nash and LCX, two exchanges operated from Liechtenstein in the heart of Europe. They offer different products to crypto traders but are on the same page regarding regulation. They also trade at different valuations ($7.7M for LCX vs $22.5M for Nash).

After looking at different data (community, number of holders, team, products offered and other metrics such as the market cap), we give a final score of Nash 6 - 5 LCX. So Nash is the winner of this death battle.

For our subscribers, we have already provided in depth research on Nash Exchange and the NEX token, here and here. We will do the same for LCX.

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