Exposing the crypto scams

In the crypto world, it is well known: there is a lot of money to be made so there are also a lot of scammers. We have seen various types, from the most basic to the most elaborate. Here is a non exhaustive list:

  • Giveaway ETH: Give me some ETH and I will give you some more back. “Oh this is incredible Joe, it works. I promise. Try yourself”.

No Joe, it does not work. You send your ETH to the scammer and you will never see it again.

  • The Lucky winner: “you got lucky, you just won 1 BTC, please click here to claim your price”.

This is a phishing attempt.

  • Fraudulent airdrop: Register your information here so that we can send you the airdrop

This is also a phishing attempt.

  • Impersonator of official team: lead dev or CEO of the crypto project contacts you to get access to your wallet

Someone tries to gain access to your wallet or your masternode by contacting you via private message on social medias. This is a fraud. Nobody needs to get access to your wallet.

  • Crypto wallet updates: “please update your wallet, the old version has been compromised. Hurry up

Someone tries to gain access to your wallet or your masternode. The scammer will steal your cryptocurrencies.

  • ICO marketing scam

they run a huge marketing campaign on social medias, proclaiming to have invented a new way of going to Mars or curing the cancer. “We need your money to fund our project”. This is bullshit.

  • Crypto project scam

Crypto project that raises money and is “developing” a project, which has either zero interest per se, meaning there is absolutely no need to do that on the blockchain or either they put the illusion that they work when instead it is just a façade. The house is empty there is nothing inside.

  • The high interest investment scam

If you invest 1 BTC and you lock it for 2 months, we will give you 50% return, guaranteed. This is obviously a scam.

This is the classic Bitconnect Ponzi Style scam, which has been popularised by Bernie Madoff ten years go.

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