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2020 has been a fantastic year for DeFi.

2020 was also the first year where research and due diligence paid a lot compared to other years where shilling and bullshit were still paramount.

Basically if you knew what you were doing you had a great.. terrific year in terms of performance. Key protocols have skyrocketed. A new industry has emerged attracting the top talents and building useful projects and tools.

We do believe 2020 has been a turning point for crypto in general.

Smart people have entered the room putting the moon boys and shillers out of business.

It is not about technical analysis or shilling anymore but about serious research, understanding what the protocol does, why the tokenomics support the project and accrue value.

2021 will not be different. Expect more of the same.

Here are our key trends for 2021.

Key trends for 2021

1) Bitcoin stays the unquestionable leader of crypto.

Not a lot to say here as it seems so obvious. Bitcoin is still the most popular and safer crypto currency to invest in. TradFi are all over Bitcoin. It will continue to go up going into 2021.

2) Ethereum stays the leader in smart contracts platform and DeFi.

No Ethereum killer will outcompete Ethereum in 2021. The narrative that an Ethereum killer will emerge thanks to cheaper gas and higher throughputs is not happening in 2021.

3) Stablecoins market capitalization reaches $50-100B USD.

Stablecoins will continue to grow as they have a key utility in the ecosystem and facilitate payments.

4) Ripple and Bitcoin Cash will be out of crypto top 10 market cap by EOY.

The dinosaurs of crypto will slowly vanish into oblivion being replaced by projects which bring added value to the ecosystem, one way or another.

5) DEXes continue to grow in terms of trading volume.

It is obvious, CEXes are now a declining business.

6) Uniswap stays the leader in trading volume.

It stays the leader thanks to its brand and popularity among crypto users. We also expect that v3 will be mind blowing.

7) Curve stays the leader for stablecoins and synthetic BTCs trading.

Curve has built a moat around stablecoins’ niche market. We do expect more integration in 2021 and expansion in new markets (Forex).

8) Higher importance and valorization will be given to cash distributing tokens.

Tokens which have an incentive for holders to get paid when they hold it will get a higher valorization.

9) Options trading continues to skyrocket.

Deribit stays the unquestionable leader but a new DeFi protocol will emerge. I do repeat secondary markets are paramount for options.

10) The duopoly of lending and borrowing protocols stays the same.

Aave and Compound will grow and no clear leader will emerge.

11) Protocols active in multi chains DeFi get more visibility and gain traction

Protocols such as Waves, Thorchain, Switcheo and Luna become more visible and attract more users to their ecosystem.

The final and most important one 👇👇👇

12) Regulation kicks in and impacts the industry

Regulators will look into DeFi projects. Hopefully they won’t be recognized as securities and the concept of decentralization and non custody will be seen as a new concept. Otherwise it is a bloodbath awaiting us in 2021.

Secret Salsa in 2021

In 2021, we will continue to provide in depth research on crypto projects which will change the world like the Internet did.

We will continue to focus on quality projects and avoid the get rich quick meme. Our strategy for 2020 has been proven right on multiple occasions as our ideas have performed very well.

We will also open a website for crypto newbies where we will explain everything we know and onboard these new users into that new world.

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